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July 7, 2021

If you’ve entered a gym recently or spoken to someone who exercises regularly, chances are you’ve heard the term BCAAs. But do you know what they are and what they do? BCAAs are a type of amino acid used by the body for many different purposes. Amino acids are required to create the proteins that form all types of cells and play a crucial role in regulating metabolism as well. There are 20 amino acids used throughout the body, 9 of which are considered essential and must be consumed through foods or supplements since the body cannot make them as it can with the other 11 amino acids. BCAAs are three of the essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These three play a role in exercise ability, muscle health, and muscle recovery.

BCAAs boost exercise potential in multiple ways. They lower the amount of serotonin released by the body during exercise, reducing feelings of relaxation and fatigue. While reducing the serotonin in the body, BCAAs also improve the body’s metabolism of foods to usable energy. They also lower the amounts of creatine kinase and lactate dehydrogenase, which are factors that increase the rate of repair and replacement of muscle fibers for faster muscle recovery and increase lean muscle mass. This can be extremely beneficial for those who are trying to burn fat without catabolizing their muscle tissues. BCAAs also increase weight loss by regulating blood sugar levels which decreases the number of fat cells created to store sugars and also prevents the drop in blood sugar levels that stimulates cravings in the brain.

Since BCAAs have so many benefits, they can be taken at different times for different benefits. Taking BCAAs supplement before working out minimizes muscle tiredness and protects muscles from catabolising during fat burning/cardio-type exercises. Taking them during a workout decreases fatigue and boosts energy levels. Taking BCAAs after working out helps with muscle recovery and rehydration. BCAAs are also beneficial to those who do manual labor jobs or workout outside regularly, boosting energy levels throughout the day, fighting fatigue, and decreasing muscle soreness after a long day full of hard work. Recharge Clinic offers BCAAs in many forms! Our Recharge Super Blend injection has BCAAs in it as well as other amino acids and minerals designed to increase energy levels and weight loss, as well as decreasing muscle soreness and fatigue. This injection is an excellent way to receive these aminos in a form that has high bioavailability and boosts levels for days at a time. We also carry many oral supplements containing BCAAs, such as our KetoCharge and Perfect Whey protein powders, K-Sport pre workout, and Keto-Lyte and Recharge Rehydrate. Our Keto-Lyte and Recharge Rehydrate contain the highest amounts of BCAAs that we offer and are both excellent options to those looking for an excellent BCAAs supplement that truly works! Be sure to ask any of the Recharge staff for help picking the perfect product for your needs so that you can feel your very best, always!


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