About Us

At “Recharge Clinic” we offer functional medicine that specializes in weight loss, BHRT (hormone replacement), IV vitamin infusions, vitamin Injections, IV vitamin hydration, fat burner shots, PRP for hair loss, PRP for pain, PRP for facial aesthetics and trigger point injections. 

The Recharge Team

IV vitamin infusions are an excellent way to get your vitamins – including vitamin C – directly into your blood stream. Oral vitamins don’t get 100% absorbed, so you really miss out on the benefits. Our patients see results immediately after our infusions or Injections. 

Hormone replacement can be very complicated, so it is important to have an educated, experienced doctor treating you. Dr. Tieche first listens to his patients while going over their lab work to really investigate and find where and what is needed to be treated. It is very common for patients to have overlooked thyroid imbalances and low testosterone. 

Our weight loss program includes a comprehensive diet program with weekly weigh in’s and fat burning shots. We don’t let anyone slip through the cracks! We love what we do and want to see everyone succeed. We strive to make our patients feel at home. We have a beautiful clinic, and the friendliest staff! Come see us today.

Meet Dr. Tieche
Medical Doctor

Dr. Steven Tieche, M.D., is a native of Ocala, Florida. After graduating from a local high school, he attended the University of Florida for his undergraduate studies. He then headed south, to Tampa, and attended Medical School at the University of South Florida, College of Medicine. He graduated from Medical School and then completed his Residency in Anesthesiology at the University of South Florida as well. Dr. Tieche was named as Chief Resident during his final year of training, which is a title only given to the top two of the many residents at the program per year.

He is a Board Certified Physician in Anesthesiology, and also practices in Aesthetics and Phlebology, the care and treatment of vein disorders. Dr. Tieche has been practicing Medicine for over 25 years. In 2001 Dr. Tieche returned to his roots, back in Ocala.  He has completed many advanced training techniques for Primary Care, lasers, and IPL. He has successfully completed courses in Men’s and Women’s health, Advanced Hormone Therapy, and Anti-Aging. Dr. Tieche has certifications in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy and its use in Aesthetics, including PRP facials, “Vampire Facials”, as well as PRP facial injection for rejuvenation, “Vampire Facelifts”. Platelet Rich Plasma is also being used for many chronic pain syndromes, such as Plantar Fasciitis. He has also completed many Weight loss training programs and has been offering this for some time, with the addition of some newer options, Dr. Tieche has the ability to reach and help even more people that struggle with their weight. 

Dr. Tieche takes a personal approach to treating his patients. He loves building that very important relationship with each patient. He is very passionate about his patients and their health.

Meet Cynthia Tieche
Certified in Sports Nutrition, Personal Training, Group Fitness, Wellness Coaching, Pre & Post Natal Fitness

Cynthia Tieche has been in the health and fitness industry for more than 15 years. Certified in Sports Nutrition, Personal Training, Group Fitness Training, Wellness Coaching, Pre & Post Natal Fitness and more. One of her favorite classes to teach was Dance Fit. She loved to show people how to have fun while sweating off the pounds! She now brings her passion for helping people into a medical environment with her husband Dr. Tieche. 

This dynamic team has created the Recharge Clinic. Cynthia’s main goal at Recharge Clinic is to help people be the best that they can be through innovative weight loss techniques and functional medical practices carefully designed by Dr. Tieche and Cynthia. You will experience what this couple has put together from the minute you walk in the door. Cynthia has given this clinic a totally different feeling than a regular Doctors office. 

She wants people to feel comfortable, feel welcome and feel like part of the family here at Recharge Clinic. 


Meet Tracey Bracey
Director of Operations

Tracey comes from the health and fitness industry bringing an extensive background in fitness, nutrition and leadership. Tracey oversees all operations at Recharge Clinic as the Director of Operations. She has a serious passion for helping people lose weight and bring their health to an optimized level.


Meet Dr. Ginger Hoffman

Dr. Ginger Hoffman graduated with a doctorate in Pharmacy at the University of Florida. Dr. Hoffman is our head pharmacist overseeing our in house Recharge Pharmacy.

Meet Katie Miller
Florida & National Pharmacy Technician License, Medical Assistant

At Recharge Clinic Katie will either be keeping Dr. Tieche on schedule or working in our pharmacy. Katie is the head Pharmacy Technician at Recharge Clinic pharmacy. She works side by side Dr. Tieche to assistant in compounding Vitamin IV’s, Injections, Thyroid Prescriptions and more. Katie also is one of Dr. Tieche’s assistants in the back office. She truly enjoys being a part in changing patients lives for the better.

Fun Facts About Katie:

  • Favorite Services at Recharge Clinic – Weight Loss & Hormone Therapy
  • In another life I am pretty sure I was a Queen
  • If I were a superhero, my superpower would be Super Speed


Meet August Baxley
Weight Loss Coach, Medical Assistant, Medical Aesthetician, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified in Sports Nutrition

August absolutely loves nutrition and loves skin! August will help you reach your weight loss goals, nutrition goals, fitness goals and skin goals! You may see August when you come to Recharge Clinic for free consultations, blood draws, weight loss/nutrition coaching, injections and skin procedures.

Fun Facts About August:

  • Favorite Service at Recharge Clinic – PRP Facials
  • Hobbies – Hiking and playing with Ruger, my dog
  • Favorite Accomplishment at Recharge – Helped my patient lose over 70lbs

Meet Reina Fernandez
Medical Assistant, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified in Sports Nutrition

Reina brings a passion for helping patients improve their health and well being! Reina is fluent in Spanish as well and has really been an asset for us to help more of our Spanish community. When coming to Recharge Clinic, you may see Reina for your weight loss/nutrition coaching, injections, or even helping in the front office! Reina will always great you with her warm and friendly smile and make you feel like you are part of the family.

Fun Facts About Reina:

  • Favorite Service at Recharge Clinic – PRP Facials
  • Favorite Hobbies – Any activity involving my family
  • If I was a superhero, my superpower would be that I could fly
Chase Howard

Meet Chase Howard
Operations Supervisor, Paramedic/Firefighter, Medical Assistant, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified in Sports Nutrition

Chase brings his training and experience as a previous Paramedic/Firefighter to Recharge Clinic to help our patients be successful in their health goals. He supervises day to day operations at Recharge keeping the clinic running “smooth”. When coming to Recharge Clinic you may see Chase for a variety of different services. Chase handles most of our free male hormone consultations, he is very down to earth and easy to talk to, he will help you get on the right path to getting started with Dr. Tieche. You may also see Chase to have your blood drawn for labs or get a Vitamin IV! He takes pride in being the best when it comes to blood draws and IV’s. You will also see Chase for your weight loss/nutrition coaching and injections.

Fun Facts About Chase:

  • Favorite Recharge Service – Vitamin IV Therapy
  • Favorite Personal Accomplishment – Wyatt, my son
  • In another life I am pretty sure I was a Sheriff in the Wild West

Meet Maryann Shinn
Registered Nurse

Maryann is one of our nurses at Recharge Clinic administering Vitamin IV Therapy, Injections, Blood Draws and assisting Dr. Tieche with procedures. Maryann loves helping patients feel their best. She truly enjoys building relationships and getting to know her patients at Recharge. It makes Maryann’s day to see her patients at Recharge feel better about themselves and about their life through weight loss and hormone therapy.

Fun Facts About Maryann:

  • Favorite Recharge Product – ZO SkinCare
  • If I could invent a holiday it would involve pineapple on pizza!
  • Hobbies – Camping, music festivals and boating


Meet Britt McMinn
Licensed Medical Aesthetician

Britt has been in the beauty industry for over a decade and has had a passion for skin her entire life. She loves helping men and women feel good about the skin they are in. You may see Britt at Recharge Clinic for a facial, peel, micro needling, microblading or lash extensions! Britt loves customizing her aesthetic procedures based on her patients needs and seeing the results!