Botox and Dysport: 16 Reasons Why these Neurotoxins are Essential to a Successful Anti-Aging Routine

February 27, 2024

Created by: Bailey B.

Botox and Dysport may be the missing ingredient in your anti-aging routine!

The Collagen fibers in our skin that are responsible for its elasticity and smooth appearance break down over time, and as we age our bodies are less capable of producing more to replace them. As the amount of healthy Collagen declines, the appearance of lines and wrinkles increases. Facial expressions like smiling or squinting causes the skin to wrinkle and the reduced elasticity makes it more difficult for the skin to smooth back out completely, eventually leading to lines that are very visible even at rest.

Think of it like this: Let’s say your skin is a piece of paper and your Collagen fibers are a plastic straw. Put the straw under the paper then try to fold it in half. When you release the straw it bounces the paper back into its flat, smooth position. Now remove the straw and do it again. When the paper is laid out flat again you can still clearly see the line where the paper was folded, that’s the wrinkle in your forehead from raising your eyebrows. 

Every time you raise your eyebrows that wrinkle gets deeper and more obvious because your body can’t produce enough Collagen fast enough to fill in the line before the next time you get surprised and raise your brows again. So how do we break this cycle? Neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport.

What are Botox and Dysport?

Botox and Dysport are a type of injectable drug called neurotoxins, or Neuromodulators, that are made from Botulinum Toxin A, which works to temporarily paralyze targeted muscles by blocking the communication between neurons in the muscle that normally stimulate contraction. These solutions can also block signals in overactive muscles and nerves that cause pain for individuals with certain medical conditions.

The effects are temporary, in most cases lasting about 3 months, and are injected into very specific muscle fibers that are causing the problem while allowing other fibers in the same area to maintain their normal functions. 

How do Neurotoxins treat signs of aging? 

By injecting the toxin into specific muscles in the face and paralyzing them, the amount of movement by the skin is reduced. By reducing the repetitive movement in a specific area, the skin is given time to rebuild Collagen without having to work against continuous creasing of the skin and over time the area will smooth itself back out as much as it can. Starting preventative treatments in your mid 20s before the lines become deep and difficult to repair is a great way to avoid the need for invasive and expensive treatments later on in life!

A common fear patients have is that they’ll look “frozen” and it’ll be obvious that they are getting these injections, but that is not the case at all. One of the great things about using these neurotoxins is that the dosage can be adjusted to allow or prevent the range of movement by the muscle.

Before receiving Botox, Dysport, or another neurotoxin the provider administering the treatment will meet with you to discuss how much movement you’d still like to have and the areas you’d like treated. Using their expertise, they will determine how much to use and where to inject to achieve your desired results.

16 Uses for Neurotoxins: Where They Can Be Injected and Why

  1. Forehead - treats fine lines and wrinkles, smoothes skin surface
  2. Glabellar lines - the 2 vertical lines that occur between your eyebrows when you frown, often called the Double 11s
  3. Crows feet - Fine lines around the eyes from smiling and/or squinting
  4. Brow lift - to raise the arch of the brow, giving a lifting effect to the face
  5. Bunny lines - nose wrinkles that occur when scrunching the face and when some individuals smile
  6. Lip flip - subtle enhancement of the upper lip, creating the illusion of a larger lip. Also reduces visibility of gums in individuals with a “gummy smile”
  7. Smoker’s lines/Vertical lip lines - fine lines around mouth from pursing lips
  8. Downturned smile - outer corners are lifted upward
  9. Platysmal bands/Vertical neck lines - vertical neck bands that may be undesirable
  10. Hyperhidrosis - excessive sweating, often used on armpits, hands, and feet
  11. Reducing acne and oil production - when administered close to the skin surface the neurotoxin reduces the production of Sebum by Sebaceous glands which reduces clogged pores and inflammation
  12. Soften jawline - reduce the size of the jawline for a narrower face shape
  13. TMJ treatment - reduces lock jaw and pain/headaches from clenching jaw
  14. Migraine relief - used to relax muscles causing tension on the head and reduce pain signals 
  15. Chronic muscle spasms - provides relief from uncontrollable muscle spasms and cramping
  16. Scrotox - for men; this painless cosmetic treatment for reduces testicular sweating and relaxes wrinkles, promoting a smoother and larger appearance of the scrotum 

And much more…

How much will I need?

All neurotoxins are dosed in units but the number of units required will vary based on different factors that you’ll discuss with your injector prior to the treatment.

botox and dysport neurotoxins
  • The areas being treated - larger areas such as the forehead or platysmal bands require more units than areas like crows feet around the eyes or a lip flip
  • The severity of the treatment area - more severe lines and wrinkles may require a more aggressive treatment
  • How expressive the patient is - often the facial muscles of someone with more expressive facial movements will be stronger and will require more units to respond
  • How much movement desired - someone wanting a “frozen” look will require a more aggressive treatment with more units

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