Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Our comprehensive weight loss programs can include your choice of one of our fat burning shots weekly, weekly weigh-ins, weekly diet changes, daily workouts, weekly goals, weekly coaching & motivation, hormone consultations, phentermine, HCG, HGH and more. 

We are a one stop shop! We will push you past your struggles and on to the new you. Our program prices vary depending on your needs. We want to help you! 

Schedule a free consultation to build your program and get pricing information.

Weight Loss Options:

Personal Coach Weekly Visits

Initial Hormone Evaluation by Dr. Tieche

Individualized Diet Plan updated weekly

Weekly Weigh-Ins

Weekly Fat Burning Shots (your choice off of our shot menu)

Monthly Measurements

Supplement guidance and coaching

Lifestyle eating habits coaching

Food allergy elimination dieting

Keto Diet Training

Low Carb or Low Glycemic Diet Training

Vegetarian Dieting

Daily Workouts




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