Dr. Tieche and Cynthia Radio Show April 7th, 2018

Today we discussed a few tips to help lose some extra weight, ALLERGIES, and what you can do to minimize them, we discussed using medical marijuana to calm your dog during storms, and we discussed the P Shot and O Shot for men and women

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Dr. Tieche and Cynthia Radio Show April 24th, 2018

Today we discussed how Alcohol can affect your weightloss journey, high dose vitamin c IV therapy, high dose glutathione IV therapy, and other vitamin IV therapy, Gluten allergies, and Recharge Clinics newest therapy, acoustic wave therapy for ED, muscle pain, plantar fasciitis, and cellulite!

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Results! 100 pounds lost!

We are proud of this man right here, lost 100 lbs, since coming to Recharge Clinic! This took hard work! He feels like a new man. What a great story.

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Dr. Tieche and Cynthia’s radio show from May 17th 2018.

On this show we talked about weight loss of course, then we talked all about the PRP Male Enhancement Shot aka the P Shot! He also did a little demo of this shot with a prop… We of course went over the Female PRP enhancement shot as well aka the O Shot. Dr. Tieche discussed whether bacon was healthy or not, and a few more topics!

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