Hydro Oxygen Facial

Let’s talk collagen! Collagen is an extremely important protein produced in the body as it is a major component in creating structure and strength in bones, tendons and ligaments, cartilage, blood vessels, and skin. As we age the body slows down its natural production of collagen, on average starting at around age 25. Sun exposure, sugars and refined carbs, smoking, and oxidative stresses from free radicals destroys existing collagen in the body. All of these factors combined result in the visual signs of aging. Skin becomes less elastic, fine lines and wrinkles become more prominent, texture becomes rougher, and skin tone becomes less even and bright. But don’t get worried just yet! We offer some amazingly beneficial facials and one of them is known as the Hydro Oxygen facial: designed to help combat aging, acne and inflammation, pigment discoloration caused by hyper- or hypo-pigmentation or scarring, as well as rough texture. The Hydro Oxygen facial utilizes a wand-like tool to deliver high-pressurized oxygen as well as serums into the skin. Delivering oxygen to the skin’s cells helps boost their production of collagen and increases blood circulation to help with the detoxification of oxidative stress-causing free radicals. This leaves the skin looking plump and healthy. When done consistently once every three to five weeks the boost in collagen production can improve the skin from within, revealing a brighter and more even complexion, smoother texture, and youthful, tight skin.

Acne sufferers should also consider the Hydro Oxygen facial for its bacteria killings effects. The acne-causing bacteria is anaerobic, meaning it thrives in multiplies in places where there is a lack of oxygen, making a clogged pore the perfect breeding ground. When the oxygen is forced into the pore it kills the bacteria, which decreases the visual inflammation and size of the blemish. When combined with the dermaplaning or high frequency, clearing acne of any type becomes a quick and effective process that can boost self confidence in anyone! Be sure to stop in today at either of our locations to receive a Hydro Oxygen facial and leave feeling refreshed and beautiful!