HGH & Peptides

Everyone is trying to reach those incredible “Dream Body” goals… Peptides or hGH have become a large part of the health, fitness and anti aging world. Read below to understand more about what they are and how they work! hGH, human Growth Hormone, is a naturally occurring hormone released by the Pituitary gland that is essential for cell reproduction and regeneration, most abundantly in bones and muscles. As we age our bodies’ production of hGH slows down rapidly, often requiring supplementation from outside sources. Peptides are natural amino acids that mimic the hormone Ghrelin, the hormone responsible for stimulating the Pituitary gland to produce and release hGH into the body system. It is a common misconception that supplementing hGH is purely for the purpose of building muscle mass. While this is true that depending on the dosage, Peptides or hGH can increase muscle mass at a rate otherwise unachievable without it. But there are other desirable benefits that are appealing to both men and women. Some of these benefits include: increased bone density, improved recovery time from musculoskeletal injuries or exercise-induced soreness, improved cognitive function and mental clarity, better sleep/wake cycle, an increased sex drive in both men and women, and increased fat loss by reducing the amount of triglycerides (fat cells) stored in the body while also increasing the body’s metabolic rate. It is also known to increase collagen production and fight the visible signs of aging while helping to prevent age-related diseases caused by cell death.In general, it takes around six weeks to begin experiencing all of the benefits Peptides have to offer. Usually in the first three weeks you will notice the improved sleep/wake cycle and feel more refreshed in the mornings, muscle recovery quickens, and there’s a noticeable improvement in mental clarity and cognitive reactions. By week six most people notice all of these benefits as well as healthier skin and better body composition with visibly less fat and more lean muscle. hGH achieves the same benefits, only at a faster rate averaging about half the time to see the same significant results as Peptides. Also, for those looking specifically for fat burning and weight loss, be sure to ask about our newest natural supplement, AOD 9604. It is the isolated fragment of hGH that triggers the release of fat cells to be burned as energy for the body, while also decreasing the production and storage of fat cells throughout the body. It boosts the metabolism and increases the amount of calories burned during exercise without causing negative effects on blood sugar levels and tissue growth.Depending on what your individual goals are, whether it be weight loss, increasing muscle mass, boosting that sex drive to spice things up again, or just to feel better mentally, Dr. Tieche will prescribe the dosage that best suits your needs so you can feel better inside and out. For those on testosterone and/or Nandrolone Decanoate and still wanting more to reach that Mr. Olympia look, stacking Peptides or hGH may help give that extra push to bust through that plateau. So be sure to ask any of our R.N.s, P.A.s, or the expert himself, Dr. Tieche, if Peptides are what you’ve been missing and get yourself on track to looking and feeling your best!