Frequently Asked Questions

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Who will be treating me for hormone replacement?

At Recharge Clinic wetake hormone replacement therapy very seriously. You will be treated by Dr.Tieche or one of our Providers for hormone treatment therapy. Dr. Tieche andhis team use a comprehensive, individual protocol for each patient. Ourproviders spend an extensive amount of time talking with his patients tounderstand their symptoms as well as their lab results. After going over theissues they decide the best treatment plan for each individual patient. 

Recharge Clinic Ocala
Why IV therapy? Is IV therapy safe?

We use IV vitamin therapy in our medical clinic because it is the most effective way to absorb your vitamins. When given intravenously your body absorbs more of the vitamins that when taken orally. Our vitamins are 100% water soluble which makes them very safe. Whatever is not used is excreted by the body.

Recharge Clinic Ocala
Who will be injecting my Botox® and fillers?

Dr. Tieche or one of our Providers will perform Botox, Dysport, and filler injections. We believe in giving the highest quality of service to our patients and understand that to prevent unwanted side effects you need to have a well-trained and experienced medical professional with proper licensing to administer these injectables.

Recharge Clinic Ocala
What type of weight loss program do you have?

Recharge Clinic is known for our weight loss programs and is the number one weight loss clinic in Ocala, Florida. We are very passionate about weight loss. We understand what it takes to start seeing results as well as continue seeing results! Dr. Tieche and his weight loss team work hard to personalize every patient’s weight loss program. Our programs include a diet plan, which changes often, fat burning shots, hormone replacement therapy, weekly weigh-ins, and add ons that might be needed to reach your goals!

Recharge Clinic Ocala
Do I need testing before vitamin shots, vitamin IV hydration, IVs or hormone replacement?

You do NOT need lab tests before receiving our vitamin shots or IV infusions. You DO need to get lab tests before receiving hormone replacement. The lab results will determine the best treatment plan for you. Do not worry, we can draw your labs in-house or send you out with a lab slip to use the lab of your choice.

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What is the Super Fat Burner?

Dr. Tieche specially orders organically compounded vitamins and has come up with a unique cocktail that boosts energy, increases weight loss, replenishes vitamins and improves overall health. Dr. Tieche created this injection for our weight loss patients, however, it is available to all patients. No appointment is necessary. Dr. Tieche is the only one who makes our vitamin mixtures in our clinic. This injection is safe for everyone to receive, for more information schedule a free consultation at Recharge Clinic of Ocala.