Acoustic Wave Therapy for Cellulite Treatment

Beautiful Legs, Here We Come!

Do you have issues with the appearance of your skin? Let us help! Here at the Recharge Clinic we offer Acoustic Wave Therapy for the gentle and effective treatment of cellulite. Gynoid Lipodystrophy, commonly known as cellulite, is a term used to describe the appearance of dimpled, loose skin, usually in the hip and thigh region. This is caused by decreased collagen production, loss of skin elasticity, and an increased concentration of fat cells. This concentration decreases blood flow, which creates circulation problems that lead to even less collagen and a buildup of fat cells in the area. Most people believe cellulite is a sign of being overweight but that is only one factor that can cause cellulite to appear. Other factors that can increase its appearance are age, smoking, hormonal changes, a sedentary lifestyle, and even genetics. Acoustic Wave Therapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses a probe, similar to those used for ultrasounds, to pass low intensity radial energy waves through the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis layers of the skin to target the fat cells and create micro-tears in the connective tissue. This therapy stimulates the breakdown of these fat cells by activating the cell’s membrane, making it more permeable, while the micro tears encourage collagen-rich blood flow to the area. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage of the newly permeable fat cells, which allows the body to naturally excrete the water and toxins that make them up. The increased collagen production tightens and firms the skin texture by repairing the microtears in the connective tissue with dense fibers. The end result of this therapy is the reduced appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and scars, better circulation, and improved muscle and skin tone. This therapy can be used on any part of the body with bothersome cellulite and stretch marks, and on average requires between six to ten sessions. We recommend using our Zo Skin Health Oraser Cellulite Control Crème in conjunction with the Acoustic Wave Therapy for long-lasting results of beautiful and smooth skin. Get started with treatments today so you can be ready for shorts and bikinis in time for summer!